Effectively plan, reduce risk and improve productivity for panel caving

Maptek CaveLogic allows engineers to incorporate all economic, geotechnical and operational parameters for targeting the most effective underground mining method in a strategic, analytical approach.

CaveLogic incorporates operational and geotechnical limitations and considers dilution by generating multiple scenarios for engineering assessment. Results are readily visualised for determining sequencing and are auditable for confident decision support.

The system allows identification of the most economic and efficient mining method, and functions directly with Maptek Vulcan mine planning systems. Projected economic value is associated with realistic plans, allowing operations to benefit from tighter integration between planning and operational phases.

The planning engineer is in total control of tracking all of the variables and processes, leading to better strategies with direct implications for improving business outcomes.

CaveLogic is applicable to greenfield and brownfield projects. It can also guide management at open pit operations where feasibility studies are required to evaluate the transition to underground mining.

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