Optimise cost, fragmentation and vibration for automating blast designs.

Maptek BlastMCF harnesses automation, data analytics and optimisation approaches for the best blast performance using the least resources. It also enables blast outcomes to be evaluated as part of upstream and downstream processes.

BlastMCF leverages evolutionary computing techniques to change the way blast designs are created, revolutionising the engineering intensive task of creating individual, just in time blasts for each site. Optimised, automated creation of blast designs will reference fragmentation, vibration and fly rock models as well as objectives like costs and powder factor. 

Engineers will retain control of the design without having to spend days going through multiple potential solutions.

BlastMCF will leverage cloud computing for running optimisations faster than on local machines and be available as an add-on to BlastLogic Desktop Client.

Maptek Labs.
Maptek Labs.

Maptek Labs

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