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Underground digital mapping

Digital mapping streamlines geological interpretation and analysis.

Digital mapping captured directly in Vulcan brings accurate mapping data into the 3D digital workspace for interpretation and analysis, and allows dynamic updates in downstream processes such as 3D modelling.

Capturing lithological, mineralisation and structural information digitally in real-time greatly enhances geologists’ ability to provide accurate and up-to-date geological interpretations to guide production. It also reduces the time taken for mapping to one-third compared to non-digital methods. 

The Vulcan underground mapping tool suite lets you transform paper-based underground mapping into a digital workflow by mapping underground faces directly into Vulcan using a ruggedised tablet.

Geologists can draw CAD lines and polygons over georeferenced scan data or images on the tough tablet to quickly and clearly illustrate geology. Attributes such as grades and structure types are recorded alongside notes and measurements and written back to the corporate database. Automated calculation of weighted face grades while at the face minimises the potential for misclassification of material and the paperless workflow saves time and preserves data integrity.

Mining stage:

Exploration & Geology


January 28, 2022

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